2011-08-18 14:17:03

This is my insanely gorgeous cousin, Jordan! It seems like just yesterday we would all be gather at our grandparents for Christmas and I would watch Jordan and my other younger cousins play dress up and pose for pictures in their cute outfits….or what’s even scarier for me…is that it REALLY seems like just yesterday that I brought Jordan into the photo studios at my COLLEGE for shoots when I was in school…she was just a little tiny girl and was the little model for all of my roommates and I (I’m tempted to dig out pictures!) ;). I was her age then…and now she’s suddenly become the college age girl. Where does time go? I can’t believe she’s now towering above me, going on 18 and her senior year of high school, recently won a national championship for basketball and will be headed to IU next year. And I feel OLD. 🙂 Jordan…I adore you…you seriously killed it out for this shoot…now GO and have a blast your senior year and then rock it OUT at IU next year!! xo! 🙂

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  1. I knew it was gonna be Jordan on this post when you said come look, we ARE getting old! How can she be going into her senior year?!?! How can this possibly be?!?! Ugh.

    She is georgous! She’s got her parents height and her mom’s beautiful smile. Great shoot Jess. I’m sure her and Jill are loving these.
    I miss living so close to them. Going to Jill’s was like having family come to college with us 🙂

    One of my memories with Jordan is taco bell. I have no idea why that sticks out the most, but it was after a shoot in the studio, we were all starving so we hit taco bell next to the school. She was such a cutie, still is!

    Nice work Jess. I love them.

  2. Oh my goodness….Jess your work is amazing and Jordan looks gorgeous!!!!!! Love love love

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us….again!!!!!

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