2012-03-08 16:13:09

This family is soo precious and represents something soo special for me!! I met Joshua, Paige and sweet baby Hannah 2 & 1/2 years ago when I photographed Hannah’s birth. As I’ve shared before, I photograph the birth of babies with a genetic chromosomal condition called Trisomy. I’ve shared just a few of those stories in the past and like other Trisomy cases, the outcome is unknown. Well, little miss Hannah is truly a miracle because she is now 2 & 1/2 years old, living and thriving with Trisomy 18. She’s just soo special, I can’t even begin to describe her without tearing up!! She is soo sweet and precious, loving her mommy and daddy, smiling and getting excited when we clap and sing songs….making incredible milestones and melting everyone’s hearts along the way!! 🙂 To add to the great news, Hannah’s wonderful Momma, Paige, is PREGNANT again and expecting a baby BROTHER for Hannah soon!! It’s soo terrific and I’m beyond thrilled for this super special family!! Much love to you, Joshua, Paige & Hannah….it was SOO special spending the afternoon with you! 🙂

And just because I couldn’t help but peek back at her birth photographs, to see how much she’s grown…here is an image of sweet Hannah on the day she was born…. 🙂

5 responses to “JOSHUA + PAIGE + HANNAH”

  1. Beautiful images Jessica! Mom and Hannah’s eyes are sooooo blue, wow!! Hannah’s smile melts me to a puddle (;

  2. How blessed are A-Ma and I to have such a beautiful and loving family? I really don’t even mind the salad on Banana’s head! 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures and I simply love Hannah’s smile – and of course the rest of her – including the salad!

  4. Seeing kids thrive with Trisomy is great for me. Working in Pediatrics, I too often see the sadder side of this affliction. And Jessica, these pictures are amazing (as usual)

  5. Words do not come to me…what a Blessing she is. I finall got to met her on Sunday and was not dissapointed, she is even more precious that the photos. I know GrandMa Jeanne is looking from heaven and is very PROUD.
    Love to the Family. and Welcom Master Larsen!!!!

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