2012-04-13 22:57:31

I looooove this family and this sweet baby girl!!! I go sooo far back with Katie & John and they are soo special to me. Katie is just one of those friends for me….she always has been, back to the days when we were barely teenagers….a lay it all on the table, totally honest, talk for hours, call her when I need to just have a night with good wine and a great friend. I love her dearly and it’s been soo special watching her become a mom. She’s soo good at it. I get all sappy and emotional when I think about how our lives have changed and evolved…and as we were growing up through high school and our teenage years, we had a super tight knit group of friends and somehow we’ve gone from these crazy fun teenage and twentysomething girls to women with careers who are wives and moms….and it’s crazy to think it’s happening soo quickly. I’m soo grateful for such awesome lifelong friends…. whose children I can raise my own children with, for them to be hopefully be lifelong friends too.

Miss Rory is 7 months old already and is the absolute light of Katie & John’s life…and for GOOD REASON!! She’s the sweetest little peanut that you could lay eyes on! I’m totally crazy about her….and I just melt looking at her! And you will notice, she is ALREADY posing for the camera!! I was cracking up when I was going through these images watching how she was WORKING the camera!! Oh miss Rory, we’ve only just begun with the photo shoots! 🙂

p.s…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kate! 🙂 We shall celebrate soon! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful pics. Havent’s seen these two kids in a very long time. It’s fun to see your childhood come full circle in pictures. 🙂

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