2012-01-30 15:09:08

Oh sweet baby Nolan is soooo precious!! He had just come home from the hospital the day before our shoot and was a teeeny 5 pounds when I met him. He was soo sleepy and good for our shoot!! His big brother Jack is quite a show stealer and was pretty funny about his little brother….he wasn’t completely sure what to think. He’s naturally a little timid and scared of him, after all…he does look soo itty bitty and he did just have to learn to share the house/the love/the time/his parents with him…but Jack is also very sweet, loving and protective over his brother. I imagine in no time, those two will be thick as theives and be ruling the world…at least the Kakasuleff world! 😉 Jared & Kristina, we are SOO happy for you guys!! Watch out Hamilton Heights…Kakasuleff boys are on the way! 😉

Jack was SUCH a ham during our shoot that I had to give him his own little post….he’s 3 (in case you couldn’t tell!) and he even tried to turn the camera on me! Love it!

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  1. Mom and Dad make the sweetest little boys! It’s amazing how perfect a alb little package can be. You captured him so sweetly!

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