2008-03-02 23:00:37

So, I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit M.I.A lately! I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled earlier this week!! I had this crazy expectation that I would be back in business and working that SAME day! Well, when I came to the NEXT day with very little recollection of what happened and surprised to be at my parents house, I realized that my expectations were TOTALLY off!! So, it’s been a rough week in many ways and trying to get work done while in pain and on heavy medicine hasn’t been working out too well! ha! So…I’m finally getting back to normal but yet again…I’m behind!

I was able to be a part of a TERRIFIC fundraising event last weekend called United Way’s OSCAR NIGHT AMERICA at the Indiana State Museum!! It’s a night at the OSCAR’S, complete with a red carpet, paparazzi, a silent auction, a band, drinks, dinner, desserts, local celebrities including Miss Indiana and Smiley from WZPL and FINALLY….the OSCAR’s LIVE on the IMAX screen! What could be better! It was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful event! If you are in Indy, make plans to attend this wonderful event next year….it’s SUCH fun and also goes to a GREAT cause!! CLICK HERE for more information!!

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  1. THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! I think Cathy and I will try very hard to be at the show next year. Did u go as paparazi? 😀 Sounds like a blast!

  2. Looks like a super fun night! I have to apologize, when I read you had all FOUR wisdom teeth pulled I laughed out loud. Not due to your pain 🙁 but because you have had a rough few weeks!!!! I hope you are on the mend and feeling more like yourself (that pain medication can make you feel like your Alice in Wonderland)

    Have a WONDERFUL week 🙂

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