2009-08-23 18:15:09

This was a very special shoot!! Paige & Joshua are incredible people, with joy and strength that is just amazing! We had a great time together for their pregnancy session…and I am honored to be able to capture the birth of sweet Hannah in 3 weeks! Paige & Joshua…thank you for entrusting this special time in your lives to me! You will be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks!! All my love…

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  1. These pictures are incredible. I know they are of my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, so I am biased….however, WOW! Knowing that Hannah Joy won’t be with us on this earth long makes these pictures priceless.

    Thank you so much.

    All the best,
    Ann (Paige’s mom, Joshua’s momma morrow, and Hannah Joy’s A-Mah

  2. Thank you for sharing Josh and Paige!!! All three of you are beautiful!
    May God give you His peace and joy and strength though out this journey!! Love to you all!
    Keith and Sandi

  3. These pictures are absolutely beautiful and amazing!!! Paige you are just glowing and you are an absolutely stunning momma to be. Josh I don’t think you could be more supportive and it definitely shows in these pictures!! My favorite would have to be both of you on the park bench with Paige your head being in Josh’s lap! Just breathtaking. I love you both and miss you dearly. I can’t wait to catch up with u both one of these days! I’ll keep u in my prayers with the due date nearing. I can’t wait to see pictures of little Hannah Joy (what a beautiful name!) You both will make amazing parents!

  4. Wow! What beautiful pictures! You are in my prayers.

    Gods blessings to you.

    Nary Buys

  5. What a beautiful family! Paige you look amazing. What a wonderful woman you are and what a beautiful memory these photos will be for you. I wish you all the best and what a miracle Hannah will be. Your grace is powerful and uplifting.

    Peace and Blessing always in Christ,
    Lindsay C.

  6. Ok can you say MODEL? Wow Paige! You look INCREDIBLE! My “little Paige”. *sniff sniff* I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look through these misty eyed. So proud of you. You all continue in my prayers. Love you guys. xoxo

  7. Little Hannah,
    You are such a blessing and a joy to your parents. Whatever time you give them will be cherished.
    Josh and Paige,
    What a wonderful way to celebrate Hannah. God has given you strength and courage. Praying for you as the journey continues. May he bless you.

  8. josh & paige..WOW…just so precious…which one to choose???…goodness to see the love & joy expressed in those pictures warms my heart…thank you for sharing..we pray for all of you daily and look forward to hearing of hannah’s you dave & mary jacobs

  9. Paige,
    These pictures are so FABULOUS. You two had so much fun doing this!! The tears are flowing. The love and devotion you two share is just spilling over in these pictures! I will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers your way over the next several weeks!

  10. Paige,

    These pictures are breathtaking! You guys look like you had a blast doing this. What a wonderful memory to have of your pregnancy with Hannah! Lots of love, prayers, joys, blessings and strength thru the rest of this journey.


  11. Paige ~ you are beautiful…Josh, you are tremendously supportive and your admiration for Paige shines through in these pictures. Hannah Joy is a miracle ~ as you enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy, I will keep praying ~ that Hannah Joy’s arrival and life is miraculous! love to you all~

  12. Jessica,
    I continue to share your talented photos. I look forward to meeting you after Hannah Joy is born. Thank you for your many gifts!

    Ann (grandmother to our precious Hannah Joy)

  13. Paige, these pictures are so beautiful! I can’t wait to see you again. I miss having you at work.

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