2010-09-10 10:04:46

This stunning girl is my sweet cousin!! I was there when she came into the world in June, 18 years ago and I truly cannot believe that time has gone soo fast that somehow I got the be 30 (WHAT?) and she got to be a high school SENIOR (WHAT? WHAT?)?! It’s just mind blowing to me how fast time can go…and I’ve heard it gets worse once you have a child of your own! EEK!! I’m crazy about this girl, she is truly beautiful in soooo many ways, inside and out!!! I love you, Rudi Lauren!! You rocked the shoot!! -D 🙂

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  1. Rudi is such a beautiful young woman! Awesome pictures Jess! I am proud of both of you.
    Love, Rudi’s mom.

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