2007-10-24 16:57:23

I know, I know…I’m behind on blogging and everyone is wondering where their post is at! I’m sorry!!! Things are just really busy right now and it’s tough to keep up when I’m barely in the office at all!! Thanks for your patience!

I’ll be short on words and get straight to the pictures…..

This is my close friend, the gorgeous and lovable Sadie! 🙂 She’s a Senior! (yes, her eyes are really that color and no, I don’t “change” eye color…it’s the real thing! Kelly..that was for you! hehe!) 😉 (Sadie’s Mom wondered if I somehow changed eyes or eye color to make them look as bright as they do and then she realized I didn’t when I showed her an image on the back of my camera!)

12 responses to “.sadie.”

  1. Awesome images! they are so bold and bright! What type of camera/equipment do you use?

  2. Gah-orgeous color, gorgeous girl! Sadie is one of my all-time favourite names. Neat to see a Senior session from you Jess! I think I’ve only seen a handful.

  3. Oh Jess….
    I am in tears again.
    I am biased, of course, Sadie is beautiful to begin with.
    You REALLY brought out her Inner Light.
    I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH for the wonderful work you did.
    It was a truly fun day for us all!!!!

  4. Jess,
    Bailey and I are now looking forward to the day that you can shoot HER senior pictures ( if you are willing).
    Yes,,,,she is only in 7th grade rignt now, but it is fun to look forward too!
    Kelly & Bailey

  5. What a beautiful girl and gorgeous eyes. And I love that name!! Not too many Sadies around. I am of course, interested to know about Sadie’s blue, turtle-neck sweater. It’s so cute. And her shoes.

  6. I must say I cannot pick a favorite. I like them all :)). Your Amazing, Beautiful, and wonderful. I love you Sadie Mae!

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