2008-11-04 21:12:04

Oh, how I adore these little ones! You might recall seeing them on the blog several times before…and every time I see them, and their awesome parents…I’m reminded of how terrific they are and how much I love my job! 🙂

3 responses to “SOPHIE + COLE”

  1. Aren’t they hillarious! I love these kids…they have that way of rubbing FUN onto you. I’m glad to see Cole was not grumpy…he talks so much now!! Great shots Jess! I like the one with Sara and Craig…it looks so modern and hip.

  2. Jess, wow, what great pictures!! The one of Cole on the sidewalk is precious. When I see Sophie, I see Sara–the same wonderful smile and joy 🙂 PS: Sara is also one who “rubs fun onto you” and I am blessed to know her.

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