2006-08-16 07:53:25

What a fantastic day I had, yesterday! I took a drive (a gorgeous drive) down to Bloomington to hang out with and photograph the Snider family!! We had such a great time and it was soo beautiful out! We just hung out, walked around IU’s campus, took fun pictures and had a really relaxed, enjoyable time! Sophie & Francesca are SUCH dolls!!! Sophie has SUCH a big, fun, exuberant personality! I just love her! (probably because she’s a little like me! HA!) Then there is little, precious 11 month old Francesca…who is an absolute angel! She is soo cool, laid back and happy all the time! She is a little serious, but I actually really liked that…and by the end of our shoot, she was clapping and having a blast! I soo enjoyed our time, Snider Fam! Can’t wait till you come back to town! 🙂

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    Love your work. It is awesome. I was wondering if you could share the technique for getting that saturated, almost over exposed look. It rocks!
    Thank you,

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