2012-06-07 11:35:26

I was soo excited to finally be doing this shoot! I’ve know the Cline’s for many many years and we’ve talked about doing a shoot many times…but they just kept having more kids! 😉 ha! So, finally, now that #5 is here and the family is likely 😉 complete…it was TIME for a shoot! Doug even earning brownie points by giving the long awaited family shoot to Maret as a birthday gift! Nice one, Doug! Oh and what a GREAT shoot it was! We had the perfect evening and the kids were awesome…totalled embracing the shoot and just having a great time together! It was even Mary Kate’s (the cutie in the striped shirt and necklace!) BIRTHDAY….I’m soo glad she wanted to spend it doing a photo shoot…ha! 😉 Cline’s…you guys are awesome! I’m SOO glad that we finally did this shoot with your beautiful family!! xoxo!




4 responses to “THE CLINE FAMILY”

  1. This is my Ob, I freaking love her!!!! HOPEFULLY she will be the doctor that delievers MY first baby in 3 weeks! Absolutely LOVE these pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO adorable!!!!!! 😀

  2. Maret is my dearest childhood friend. these beautiful pictures of her family only reflect how beautiful their hearts are. absolutely stunning:)

  3. Wonderful! Marvelous! Creative! We love each and every one.

  4. Dr Cline is in my OB practice as well, but was still on leave when we had our BOGO surprise…her father in law (now retired also Dr Cline) helped us have our daughter thru IVF. Indianapolis babies and families are lucky to have the Drs Cline!

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