2012-10-04 16:40:48

I’m pleased to introduce you to the sweet, adorable and precious boy that is my daughters future husband!! 😉 Or at least if his Mom and I have anything to do with it!! Oh I love this family soooo much, they’ve graced this blog many times and I’ve spoken about Lindsay being one of my best friends since I was a child myself….and now we are raising our children together…and they are friends…and it’s awesome and soo special…and one day, they will be married!! 😉 hehe! Love you sooo much Linds, Will & Jayden!! Thanks for another great shoot! 🙂 (ps….could Jayden be ANY cuter or better at modeling at the ripe old age of 3??)


One response to “THE GILBERT FAMILY”

  1. Wonderful job Jess! Thank you! Don’t let their smiles fool you, it’s hard work lifting him up above your head! Love you!

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