2010-09-30 11:04:50

I am seriously the luckiest girl getting this endless group of gorgeous, adorable, fun, terrific families to photograph! The Rettig’s were SOO fun and great…and clearly beautiful…we had such a terrific shoot!! The girls loved playing and being silly and totally played along with all of my goofy hair brain plans for photographing, such as impromptu dance parties, tickle fests, group hugs, silly laughing, etc…. they perfect for photographing!! They are also incredibly sweet!! Thank you, Rettig Family, for such a wonderful time!!

4 responses to “THE RETTIG FAMILY”

  1. probably my favorite family session you’ve ever done. wow. that little one is a ham… love her. All very cute girls. Beautiful family. nice work Jess.

  2. Love this session! What a great location and you used it perfectly. Looks like everyone had a great time.

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