2011-11-18 18:15:44

Every year, there is a day when I am out photographing and it’s a noticable turning point in the weather. The wind has a bite to it and never really seems to end, the leaves are mostly gone and the trees are noticably bare, there is either a crunch or a squish everywhere you walk, fall has come to a close…and winter is knocking on the door. It was THAT day. And I felt bad because I had a day full of shoots and noone really wants to be outside having fun and being cute when they are freezing and being blown away! So, I felt bad for these sweet Rettig girls…I really did. As you will see though, they were serious troopers through it all! Ellen, Thank you for your patience ;), help and bribes in order to get great smiles! I hope that “biggest waffle cone EVER” with gummy bears and m&m’s was REALLY great, Mia! 😉 Despite the cold and wind….we got tons of great images of these SUPER adorable girls and I really did enjoy my time with them!! Thanks soo much, Ellen, Caroline, Cate & Mia for being soo wonderful to work with! 🙂

2 responses to “THE RETTIG GIRLS”

  1. Beautiful session of beautiful girls! That last picture melts my heart, and I don’t even know them…Wonderful. : )

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Every picture is beautiful! Not sure which one you are going to pick for the Holiday card!

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