2010-10-25 22:50:00

When another photographer asks you to photograph their family…there’s a tiny bit of pressure! 😉 The Sangar’s are incredible, though and I had a blast working with them, pressure free! Jamie and I are friends and it was really an honor that she asked me to photograph their family! It was crazy, though…we had one shoot scheduled and had to reschedule because it rained (for the FIRST time in months!) and then when we were driving to our second scheduled shoot, it started raining again (for only the SECOND time in months!)…it was one of those REALLY???? moments!! They were total sports, though as I made them keep posing in the rain and cold…and we had a great shoot despite it all! Thanks soo much, Simon, Jamie & Jude!!! You guys rock! 🙂 (and let me just say what you are all going to be thinking shortly….does a family GET more beautiful or stylish? really??!!)

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  1. Jess, these are even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. You captured Jude’s personality to a T! I keep looking over them and over them, and fall more in love each time. Thank you so much. They are just PERFECT! You rock.

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