2009-11-17 17:13:21

This was a hilarious shoot….Lexie wasn’t really having it, to be totally honest. We tried everything, we looked soo funny trying everything in our power to make her smile or laugh but instead, she looked at us like the crazy people we probably looked like! The poor thing was cold and we knew it and so she wasn’t into smiling….and I’m sure the minute she got in the car, she was all smiles and laughs like her usual self! At least we’ll look back at this shoot and get a laugh out of it! Good thing noone had a camera on us! ha! She’s still as sweet as can be, though! 🙂 And now that I look, we got a few lil smiles! 🙂

5 responses to “THE.PREFONTAINE’S”

  1. HA! I wish I had a video camera to record the parents during these sessions. They(we) stop at nothing to get the little ones to smile! Great pictures as always!

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