2006-10-25 17:11:52

Abby & Clark had a wonderful, gorgeous wedding this past Saturday! It was full of love and joy…and was just all around great! It was also a fantastic, beautiful day…which was great! The fall hasn’t been all the spectacular, this year…but lucky for me and for my brides, the nice weather has shown up on Saturdays (and pretty much only Saturdays! ha!) and this past Saturday was just great! Another amazing blue sky, the beautiful remaining leaves of the season, a brisk, yet nice 60 degrees! It was great! Abby and I go waaay back and have been friends since middle/high school! We have lots of funny memorials of that oh so awkward time in life when you do crazy stuff and act silly (isn’t middle school just an awkward age for everyone?)…but we remember those days fondly and that’s all the matters! ha! It was also soo wonderful to see some old, great friends from my high school days!! I had a really great high school experience and was just surrounded by the most fantastic, fun people….and as rare as it is, our whole class was just super close and always had such a great time together! So, it was just great seeing all of them….and seeing that they have only gotten more wonderful as the years have gone on! HOLLA Zville girls….much love to you! 🙂 Anyway….Abby & Clark are just fantastic and they had the perfect wedding! I hope you two are having the time of your lives in St. Lucia! Thank you for letting me be a part of your awesome day! 🙂

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  1. I am one of Abby’s friends from college and I must say…these are the BEST wedding pictures I have EVER seen! You are very talented! You captured Abby’s beauty and energy so well. Great job! I wish I could get married over again (to the same man, of course)and have you do the photography…:)

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