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2007-08-02 13:45:39

Ok, here is the real deal!! 😉 Sorry to tease you!! So, where to begin? Wow, Ali & Tommy are soo terrific! I was extremely honored when they selected me as their photographer and opted to fly me out to Seattle for several days, to share their wedding celebration with them! It truly meant soo much that they chose me over many super talented photographers in Seattle! One of my dearest friends, Lauren of Openfield Photography, accompanied me on the trip & co shot the wedding with me, which made it even more awesome!! I have been soo lucky to shoot many weddings within Ali’s girlfriend group and she kept the tradition going! It’s soo fun that way because it’s like going to a wedding and seeing lots of old friends!! I love it!!! I will admit, Ali & Tommy had a typical Seattle day for their wedding though, a rainy day!! ;( I felt soo bad for them because they worked soo hard to find the weekend with the lowest chance of rain and had all their family and friends fly in for the event!! They really handled it like champs, though…and told me that they had made peace with it earlier in the week so that they could enjoy their day, regardless of the weather and be able to focus on the most important thing, marrying each other!! They did exactly that, had a day full of love, happiness and overwhelming joy, despite the falling rain. They were married at, what I would say is one of the most gorgeous places to get married on the West Coast, NewCastle Golf Club. Look at their site and it will easily show you what I mean! It is high atop a mountain in Washington and has an incredible view Seattle, the surrounding lakes, Peugeot Sound and everything in between! It was amazing! It was soo high, though, that we were literally in the clouds for most of the day! Then, finally, during the reception, I looked outside to discover that the rain had stopped, the clouds had cleared and that you could almost see the city in the background with a very subtle peek of the sunset!! So, we ran out and shot as much as we could before the view was gone and the rain returned! It was truly a fantastic wedding with so many warm, terrific people and so much fun!! Ali & Tommy, Lauren & I were soo honored to have been part of your wedding! Thank you, again, for bringing us to Seattle with you and allowing us to capture your day! Hope you are enjoying Italy and having endless days of sunshine without a single drop of rain!! 🙂

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  1. jess – these are BEYOND gorgeous. there are at least a dozen that just take my breathe away! and, i’m another huge fan of that old world b/w action, but i have to say that i LOVE that shoe shot in color better. and, the house shot…oh my. just beautiful work – they are really lucky 😉 -c

  2. hey is that the bellevue gene juarez? i worked there during college! i’ve seen a lot of weddings in the new castle golf course, but you definitely have an unique and beautiful take on it!

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