ali.&.tommy | vintage

2007-08-02 10:53:03

Yes…I’m alive, just really busy…so sorry for the lack of posts!!! I was delayed on Ali & Tommy’s post because, after being gone for a week, I spent my first week home playing major catch up and out of the office for the whole week! Soo, their sneak peek was one of my projects for this week and I hope it was worth the wait…

This is actually not the full post, but just a sneak peek of some cool processing I’ve been doing…. I love this vintage look!!! I focus on showing color a lot of the time because it’s shows the true strength of the work, but I think this is a cool stray from the norm!

I promise, the full post will be up VERY soon!!

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  1. I love the vintage look, it’s a totally different look for you. We all LOVE your colors, but this is a nice different view of the photos you capture. Nice! Can’t wait to see the full version! 😀

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