2012-09-28 13:49:13

Indian weddings are A-MA-ZING, I truly LOVE them and feel SOO blessed to be able to capture soo many of them…..and THIS wedding, this couple, these families, the vendor team, this entire day completely encompassed WHY Indian weddings are soo amazing!! It was such a beautifully crafted day, with soo many ceremonial elements, soo many aspects to coordinate, lots of people and lots of moving parts, all working together for a very meaningful purpose….all the while, everyone played many roles, had duties and a supporting placement in the day… and did it with such joy and true love for this wonderful couple and the sacredness that is their wedding and marriage. It was incredible to just witness….and to get to CAPTURE it, well, it’s like MAGIC. When the day ends on an Indian wedding, in the wee hours of the morning…just as it started, I always have this high of excitement from the electric energy that comes from  the whole experience…and from the people…and from the joy of it all….and the party and dance floor with HUNDREDS of people on it might have a little something to do with that electric excitement! HOW could I not love it?? There was only ONE aspect of the day that wasn’t quite perfect….and that was a minor detail called a HURRICANE. Rumor even has it that Mihir is what you might call a “researcher” (like most men, I bet he likes spreadsheets too! ha!) and supposedly researched wedding dates based on weather, even going soo far to look at hurricane records (like I said, this could be a rumor) to try to AVOID such weather! Well….turns out, God knows that Mihir has a GREAT sense of humor (he IS THE FUNNY ONE!) 😉 😉 because he planted a hurricane in Indiana right on Aparna & Mihir’s wedding day…but you know what, they didn’t even let it phase them. Mihir and his family danced in the rain for his Baraat and even when all of our photo plans had to be changed b/c it was POURING, they said, no problem…and they just enjoyed their time together anyway, relishing in the fact that they were married and surrounded by hundreds of people who adore them. Oh what a WEEKEND!! Aparna & Mihir…I adore YOU both, the weekend was like I said, simply magical! I’m soo happy for you both and I truly wish you a lifetime of the kind of joy you were beaming with on your wedding day, for the REST of your lives! xoxo!


Ceremony & Reception: Indianapolis Downtown Marriott
Event Coordination: Sabrina Hans Events
Decor, Mandap: Yanni Design Studio, Chicago
Hair & Makeup: Karen Hall and Company
Horse & Carriage: Yellow Rose
Caterer: Gaylor Restaurant, Chicago
Videography: Jet Kaiser Films
Cake: Sweet Seduction
DJ: DJ Banti, Chicago




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  1. Memories of lifetime. Beautiful wedding ceremony of a beautiful couple. Love nad hugs, Bhrugabhbhi & Nikhil

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