2006-08-22 14:53:37

Ashley & John had a very sweet, intimate country wedding. It was literally OUT in the country, if you blinked, you missed the town! HA! It was a really nice change of pace for me, though and I soo enjoyed it! They were even up for jumping in my truck and heading off to a few cool country locations that I scoped out before hand….they are troopers!! It’s nice to have a completely different set of locations than I’m used to because it’s an awesome challenge…and I LOVE being challenged when it comes to photography! As I have said, I also love the country…the peacefullness, the colors, the vastness…it’s awesome….and photographing out there was GREAT!! Ashley & John are very sweet and very much in love! They had a great day! It was actually supposed to storm all day and we were really concerned…but it turned out to be a totally gorgeous day (the weather people are NUTS here, I think they are really normal news people pretending to know the weather, b/c somehow, they are ALWAYS wrong!) So, I hope you like corn fields…b/c you are about to see alot of them! 😉 Congrats, Ashley & John! 🙂

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  1. jess these are great! i think they are my favorites that you’ve done so far. maybe it’s because i know ashley. who knows. 🙂 you did awesome. she looks sooo beautiful too!

  2. how fun….these are cool! love the wide angels…..
    i think you created a great representation of
    great job!

  3. Hi Jess,
    I know you’re an extremely busy gal, but I would LOVE it if you would take two minutes to view my very first pre-design on my blog, it’s under Sunday’s post I believe. I would LOVE your honest comments on it, your work is SO amazing and I love watching your blog because it totally keeps me inspired to try new things and get even better at doing what I love! Thanks so much!

  4. The ring in the handle of the Bouquet… What a great idea! Thank you, I’m stealing that idea for my next wedding.

    Your images are Dreamy, romantic and almost look like they could be used for an advertisiment. Looks like all of you were having fun creating all these different poses. I love them all. With all those corn fields, it makes me hungry for some BBQ ribs and BBQ corn!
    Great work.

  5. Ok, so when are you going to sell actions for for your signature xprocess/polarization/amazing color effects? Pass me some of that special sauce, please!

    Absolultely Awesome Color. I’d buy a case of it.

  6. Jess….you are completely amazing!!! Thank you so much for doing such a great job!!! I can’t wait to see the final proofs!!!

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