2007-10-25 11:57:23

I have to be short on words because I’m running out the door and I know Becca is checking this blog every hour for this post…so I just had to get it up here for her!!

Soo, in short, BECCA & CRAIG….I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU!! 😉 THANK YOU for being soo TERRIFIC!!!

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  1. Jess, you are amazing! I’m just blown away right now! Thank you so much for spending that special day with us…

  2. These are so beautiful! You both look so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these! (I loved the song that went with the show too-who is that?)

  3. Becca,
    You were breath taking!!!. These pictures put me at a loss for words. You were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Your husband is handsome and everyone looked awesome… These pictures are to die for!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  4. Becca

    You looked amazing in your dress! The day looked amazing! Please visit the Saks Salon to say Hello!

    Lisa Holderead
    Bridal Coordinator
    Saks Fifth Avenue

  5. Beautiful work , once again Jess!
    Beautiful bride.. LOVELY eyes.
    My fave. shot is the bride standing in front of the windows , and the bridesmaids reflections are in the windows next to her… REALLY UNIQUE!!
    Great work Jess!
    Love, Kelly

  6. i LOVE the shoe shots!! jess, you ROCKED it out…these are FANTASTIC!!!!! love & miss you TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 🙂

  7. How lovely ! and what fun to see that part of the day I did not see. It was a gorgeous day for a peefect wedding for a wonderful couple. Pictures are great. Love Grandmare

  8. what a pleasure to watch.
    these are just really lovely.
    i think that we are all awaiting your
    next wedding…not just the bride!! 😉

  9. Wow, truly breathtaking! We had a wonderful time at the wedding and these photographs capture the beauty of the day. Welcome home.

  10. jess! as always, AWESOME!!! i, too, LUUUV the shoe shots… some of my top favs of yours! rock on!! 😀

  11. Sometimes words fail us, but these pictures do not, what a beautiful job, fabulous.

  12. WOW!! That was really beautiful. It makes you want to get married at an art museum – all the really cool background shots. Also: What is the song that is playing? I really liked it!**Becca & Craig: The 2 of you looked like Two Peas in a Pod… I hope you are blessed with this special love for many, many years to come.. XXOO- MOO

  13. WOW!! That was really beautiful. It makes you want to get married at an art museum – all the really cool background shots. What is the song that playing? I really liked it…………….xxoo, Moo

  14. these pictures are some of the most beatiful i have seen in working with brides. it was a treat to work with you all. jess thanks for making my flowers look so great. becca and craig all i can say is dang!

  15. Loved the pictures…. can’t want to see the full version that has pictures of your famiies in them… Did you Mom get dressed up? I wish you and Craig a great wedding trip and look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis eventually.

  16. woo, you guys looked great. congs!

    please craig could you please send Dad’s cows since you have already taken his daughter?(jokes)

    i and joe wish you all d best. don’t look back just go forward marriage is a good thing. we wish you all the best and love you.

    naluyima please look after that handsame man in the Ugandan way.

  17. Wow! Becca, I’m so happ for you. You look amazing! Best wishes. These pictures are the best wedding pics i’ve ever seen! 🙂 Leora

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