2006-02-27 13:26:10

I think Christine & Brian are soo cool. They are just soo mellow and happy. They never were worked up at all about the wedding planning….just always calm and super chilled. Their wedding day was just the same way. It was great!!! Relaxed, happy and really fun! I think Christine is beautiful…she just radiates when she smiles and I love that soo much. And Brian is downright hilarious! He and I even had a bet going on their wedding day that I won, thank you very much!! He thought he could greet 300 people after the ceremony in 15 mintues! I said, we’ll see about that!;) I guess I had the advantage with a few hundred weddings under my belt!:)
Anyway…..they are such a perfect fit for each other, just like puzzle pieces. I don’t claim to be an expert on relationships…but in all reality, after seeing a couple hundred couples together…it’s just sort of something you notice about people. They were married in a great Church and then had their reception at Mavris…which is the epitomy of all things great….amazing window light, great city view and exposed brick walls. Who couldn’t love that. In the middle of their wedding day, we(the three of us) just went and hung out at the canal for a while…laughed, walked, shot a few pics and enjoyed the great weather. It was a blast! I love relaxed weddings! It was an all around fantastic day that I was soo blessed to be a part of!

You’re going to love them too…..

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  1. Jess, I just LOVE your photos, they’re beautiful! I love the “feel” that they have. How are you creating such vibrant coloring?? Is this a photoshop technique? Also, do I see a lensbabie photo in there too??

  2. Hi Amy!:) Thanks SOO much for your kind words!:) Honestly, I’m not sure how I’m creating the vibrant coloring…it’s the way I edit…I guess! I use adobe camera raw to edit, if that helps! I don’t use photoshop much for editing because it is too time consuming! And ya know, I don’t actually own a lensbaby….so I must have just been goofing off twisting and turning my camera just to see what happens…as I commenly do! I would love a lensbaby, though…I keep hearing how cool they are!:)

    Thanks for writing! Hope you stay tuned to the blog!:)

  3. Well, they look seriously awesome! Are you using a lot of F2.8 and the Lightsphere? I just got my LS last month and have been playing with. I really love the lighting it gives!!

  4. Hey Amy! Yes, I mainly shoot at 1.8 & 2.0, MAX 2.8. In my opinion fast lenses are the most important element of great photography! I actually think fast lenses are more important than the camera itself! Sure, the camera is majorly important…as I have said in my complete devotion to the Canon 5D…but lenses are the key!! My favorite lens is the 85 1.2. It’s the most amazing thing…but 1.2 has such shallow DOF that you have to shoot at 1.8 to get anything in focus! The quality of that thing is unreal! Next to that, the 70-200 2.8 is my favorite. I do use the LS for all indoor work and love what I get from it! I don’t ever use flash outdoors, I work natural outdoor light to it’s fullest potential!:) I’m ALL about the natural light(especially with the fast lenses!!)! You’d think I’d be all studio light saavy because I have a degree in photography…but no, I take the cheap way out because I just like it better!:) Ha! 🙂 Too bad the student loans don’t seem to be taking that route!;)

  5. Thanks for sharing!! I also use natural light outdoors as much as possible. I LOVE shooting my weddings outdoor, I think they have such a better ‘feel’ to them rather than in a church. Do you currently have a studio?? I have a small shooting room with windows, but they don’t give me much light at all. I would love a big window that gives me natural light all day long! (well, except night of course!)

    Just out of curiosity, do you do any speaking on photography??

  6. That’s actually true! 🙂 LOL!:)

    Amy… I don’t do any speaking because I’m still shooting soo much that I don’t have the time. I would really like to, though!:) I can’t quite figure out how the people who speak constantly still actually shoot?? (no offense, G! 😉 ) I really love shooting, though…so I don’t know!

    I don’t use a studio for shooting because I do almost all weddings…but my dream is to have huge daylight studio with amazing factory building like windows all around and exposed brick walls! That way, I have the best of both worlds, regardless of the weather!:)

    We’ll see!:)

    When I go on the “speaking circuit”, I’ll let you know! hehe!:)

  7. really love the color on these outside photos. i’ll turn you into a nature photographer yet! 🙂

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