2009-06-24 08:31:51

Wow, what a terrific day Christine and Will had! Soo terrific and full of images that I love…that I needed to break it into two blog posts! 😉  It ended up being a bit gray and rainy…which concerned us that our picture opportunities might be limited, but thankfully, they chose an amazing hotel, The Renaissance Schaumburg, for their wedding and it made for an incredible studio with such amazing picture opportunities, full of light, color, architecture and style…I was like a kid in a candy store, I loved it soo much!! I was almost grateful for the rain once I realized how cool this venue was!! 🙂 Christine and Will are just awesome, they are soo fun and terrific, yet organized and timely, all while being very cool, relaxed and open to just having a great time! I couldn’t have asked for more!! Thank you soo much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day, Christine and Will…and for trusting me with your photography! I hope you love your images…and I hope your honeymoon was just amazing! 🙂

I love first meetings….. they are soo sweet!

And then they turned on their inner America’s Next Top Models….and worked it OUT!!!! 🙂
To be continued on next post….

11 responses to “CHRISTINE + WILL”

  1. Wow, what a great wedding. I love the venue with all it’s unique items, colors and places to shoot. When stuck indoors, this is the type of place you want to shoot in. Nice job, great photos!

  2. You did a beautiful job shooting Will + Christine!! That hotel really was awesome. I love how you made Christine work it. hehe. 🙂

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Lovely lighting, awesome location (LOVE the beaded curtain wall, the amazing windows and staircase!), gorgeous details and gorgeous couple! Eye candy is right!!!

  4. How gorgeous was that location/wedding? Oh my, so pretty! Great Job!

    I’m laughing tho – you were about 20 mins from my house..

  5. Wow, fabulous shots!! I really love these pictures! I want to visit the hotel now!!

  6. Such a beautiful couple! Love all the different backgrounds you used in this sweet venue and the light feel you captured in the images!

  7. some of those pictures (like 2094) remind me of the hallway on Grey’s Anatomy! Beautiful, Stunning, Gorgeous and OMG the light….that would have FOR SURE been like a kid in a candy store!!! 🙂

    Amazing work, as always, Jess!! 🙂

  8. Hello Jessica! It was so much fun working with you and when you said you were going to get so many amazing shots just inside the hotel, I have to admit – I was a bit skeptical, but you were right and you ARE AMAZING! I cannot wait to put these on my webiste also – and to see the photos of the ceremony & reception, which were equally as beauitful!

    Thanks again for being do wonderful and talented!


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