2010-10-19 23:44:36

I had the privilege of photographing the grand opening of what is bound to be the hottest new wedding and event venue in Indianapolis, D’Amore. It’s on the 48th floor of the Chase building on monument circle in downtown Indy and it’s just fantastic! The view is truly incredible and I learned during the event that it’s the second tallest building next to the Sear’s Tower in Chicago, from the midwest down to Atlanta! It’s a spacious and beautiful space…and I can’t wait for my first event there!!

8 responses to “D’AMORE”

  1. Too bad I am already married.. maybe I can have a renewal ceremony party there someday! AMAZING photos of this specatular venue.. it shows just how class Indianapolis has become 🙂

  2. Wow! You’ve captured the event and the venue beautifully, Jessica! How lucky were we to be among the first? Great working with you.

  3. Great photos, Jess. Funny that you should post these, because Simon was just telling me his work Christmas party is on the 48th floor of Chase tower. I thought it sounded pretty lame, I mean–what could possibly be cool about a bank office building??!! But WOW, I had NO IDEA that this was the space we’ll be in for the party! Can’t wait now!

  4. Jess – fun to see you that evening! Great images! You captured the essence of the space perfectly!

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