2007-10-10 10:31:58

Wow, what a terrific day Emily & Darin had….and what a terrific couple they are! 🙂 I met them a while back when we shot their fun engagement session and I knew right away that I would LOVE working with them and they were going to have an incredible wedding!!! When you team lots of the city’s best vendors, great locations, beautiful, happy people….and a Monique Lhuillier gown and Kate Spade shoes (come on, it’s really all about the dress and shoes! ha!)….then you are bound to have one amazing wedding!! Emily was giddy when I met up with her the morning of her wedding! She was just soo precious and bouncing with excitement…and while some of her excitement was about the stunning wedding she’d planned, I could easily tell that the majority of it was because she was getting to marry the love of her life!! When they are together, the rest of the world would disappear and their happiness would just beam from them! It is such a special thing and I love seeing that in a couple! Emily & Darin…I just adore you guys! Thank you for allowing me to share your incredible day with you! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world! :)*note: this great song was introduced to me by my dear friend, Dane…and is called Man & Wife by Michelle Featherstone. It’s available on Itunes. 🙂

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  1. I am loving your photography. My husband gave me your site after you took photos of Torrey & Annie. I need to learn how to use PhotoShop to its advantage!

  2. Jessica:

    Great pictures. I knew they would be wonderful. Is Darin and Emmily’s eyes that blue??????

    We did have a great time.

  3. Jess…. I know I say this allllll of the time, but you are so freekin’ talented! You rocked the house, YET AGAIN! 😀


  4. Jessica,

    Those are magnificent! You have such talent! I need some of the before and after to put on my webpage and I’ll put your credits and info on there if I may.


  5. jess! LOVE this wedding !! — you are truly so talented & your passion exudes in every photograph. 🙂 also, love, LOOOVE that song by Michele Featherstone… when I first heard it a little while back I went nuts trying to find who it was by — so beautiful. Great job as ALWAYS!!!

  6. i love it when you do slideshows! my finger always gets tired of scrolling when you post the other way.

    fantastic stuff!!! gorgeous pictures! Great job, as always.

  7. Jessica,

    What a gorgeous couple they are, and your talent adds to that and makes everything (and everyone) even more gorgeous! As always, thanks for sharing!

  8. I recall meeting with Emily at our office when she was in search of a videographer…I thought then…Wow…she will make a beautiful bride….I could not have been more right!

    Congrats Emily & Darin!

    Oh btw…great job Strickland! I am totally stealing that song for our videos….THANKS!


  9. I have already viewed these lovely pictures 3 times. It is hard to imagine there could be two more beautiful persons. Thank you so much for capturing the day and the memories.

  10. Beautiful work Jessica, very inspiring, such a beautiful story!

    Love the song too, just emailed the name and Itunes link to my daughter who’s searching for the ‘right song’ for her wedding in February!

  11. Thanks so much Jess- I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Be prepared for many future clients I will make sure to send your way!

  12. FYI, to the photogs that read your blog, you can also buy a royalty free version of the song on stock20.com for use on DVD’s etc!! GREAT song! (“sweet sweet baby” also ROCKS for baby sessions!)

  13. Emily, You look absolutely stunning! Your dress, your hair, the whole day… WOW!! I am so happy you had such a beautiful wedding day.

  14. As always, great pics Jess, and such a beautiful bride and groom. And I really wanted to say that I LOVE THAT SONG! It will be one of my new top picks for my brides and grooms when they ask!!

  15. thanks for getting the site back up jess… within minutes.. literally.. you’re the best!

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