2006-04-30 15:53:19

I absolutely adore Jenny & Tom! They had the most wonderful, stylish, fun, laid back wedding! It was really soo wonderful!:) They really are the most kind, geniune people and I have been soo honored to work with them!

They are the kind of couple that you can’t help but love…..lets put it this way….they were having preparations done in the morning at the new (fancy-schmancy!) Conrad hotel in downtown Indy while eating ice cream & pizza, listening to Keith Urban and then Jenny puts on an amazing Amy Michaelson dress and a pair of Manolo Blaniks (yes…you heard me right) and we take off in a Rolls Royce! That really says it all…they are soo real…yet incredibly classy and fun! It turned out to be an unfortunately rainy spring day in Indiana….but that didn’t seem to matter at all! We still had the best day! David Jackson with Premier Events did the coordination…which was perfect! Reception was held at the Historical Society…which is a great venue here in Indy! They had cocktails overlooking the ballroom, then enjoyed an amazing dinner, an incredible dessert buffet and everyone danced the night away to the amazing Carl Story Band! I mean, really…it doesn’t get much better! Thanks, Jenny & Tom…and Emma! (Jenny’s gorgeous daughter!) I was honored to be a part of your fantastic day!

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  1. I LOVE the photo of them in the lobby of the hotel! How beautiful! What a really neat couple, I can clearly tell that from your photos!

    My wedding this weekend was a rain-out too. Couldn’t get outside at ALL. Fortunately the church had a really awesome overhang so I was able to photograph them leaving the church and getting in their car.

  2. Wow, very nice photos, your post processing is top notch, not to much, not too little, just perfect. Compositiona and artistic flare is inspiring. Glad, I found you guys. Just have to bookmark.

  3. WOW! I was pretty excited about the stuff I shot yesterday as a side shooter until I looked at these! You are amazing Jess! Cybil and I give you a standing ovation! We couldn’t pick a favorite…THEY ALL ROCK!

    Funny story….we had a wedding in Ft. Wayne Saturday…so we are setting up for the ceremony at the church….and in walks Bob Ridge! He was shooting the late ceremony at the SAME church! How weird is that? Of all the churches…in the entire state…we were booked on the same day at the same place 2.5 hours from home! 🙂 We were cracking up.

    Anyway…YOU ROCK!

  4. HI GUYS!! Wow, you are all SOO KIND!! Thank you soo soo much!!

    Janey & Amy…HI! You guys are the greatest! Thank you for your support!!

    Scott Robert…so nice of you to comment! I know Gary has mentioned you on his site and I know you were in Vegas…but we never had the opportunity to meet! Thanks for the kind words! The feeling is completely mutual!

    B&C….I wondered if you guys were down at the Scottish Rite on Saturday because I saw Jeremy down there when I was driving by! Guess you were a bit further down the road! WHAT IS UP with the sudden rush of weddings in Fort Wayne!? I have 6 weddings there this year, three back to back….and I’ve never even been there in my life! crazy! How funny that you ran into Bob! What are the chances?? YOU GUYS rock!!!

  5. You are amazing! Wow! You definitely need to work less but I love what you do and I’m sure your clients are in awe!

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