2009-06-05 09:09:01

Jess & Shane had such a great day…full of full, love, friends and family! They also lucked out that the gray skies and rain of the morning, turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon…perfect for a great spring wedding!! Soo great working with you, Jess & Shane….thanks for allowing me to be a part of your wedding! Hope Italy has been amazing!! I’m soo jealous! 🙂

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  1. my dad gave me a sapphire ring on my wedding day as my something blue & it was in a “tulip” setting like her engagement ring…so pretty and a unique twist on a classic setting 🙂 i love the pics while their dancing with the chandelier in the back round. beautiful bride and everyone looks so happy!!

  2. That was such a beautiful wedding, and you captured it! Jess looks SO stunning as a bride! It was fun reliving parts of the wedding through your photos, but also seeing parts that as a guest I didn’t get to see. Great job Jessica, and congrats to Jess and Shane!

  3. Jess, I must have been at the chapel the day before this wedding! Great job using the space around the chapel and sweet evening light by the field.

  4. Wow – the colors in this entire post are incredible! From the salon straight through to the reception, they practically leap off the page. The bride and groom formals are gorgeous, as always.

  5. I like how all your photos are so crisp and vibrant. You make colors pop! It was great meeting you at Will & Christine’s wedding last weekend. Can’t wait to see their photos!!

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