2009-05-08 21:56:14

Jill & Brett had a wonderful wedding in the quaint town of Ferdinand, in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana! It was such a great day, full of tons of love, laughter and joy! After days of rain and a forecast that didn’t look promising, Jill & Brent took matters into their own hands and followed a tradition they heard about by putting a rosary out on the clothes line to ward off the rain. I hadn’t heard of it but I was hoping for the best and as I pulled up to photograph the rosary, the rain stopped and the sun came out! It stayed out for the majority of the day…and was amazing! Note to future brides! 🙂 Thank you for allowing me to share your incredible day with you, Jill & Brett…all my love! Hope Aruba has been great! 🙂

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  1. Hey Jess, I had never heard that story about the rosary but I will be sure to pass that along to my brides who are facing a not-so-great wedding day. Looks like it worked out for them…photos are wonderful! Love the photos against the brick wall and wrought iron gate! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pictures of our daughter and new son-in-law. Can’t wait to see all the other photos you took. You did an awesome job. Thank you so much!

  3. I love that you took pictures of not just the venue, but the details surrounding it as well. I think it really helps create a completely portrait of what the day was like.

  4. Jess love all your photos, but the necklace one…… there is no words all very pretty.

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