2008-09-17 16:53:37

It’s time for the wedding! YAY! πŸ™‚ So, this was a terrific wedding!!! It was honestly more low key and relaxed than any Indiana wedding I’ve ever had! I LOVED it!! I laughed that it took all that traveling to get there for a calmer wedding than at home! It was really awesome, though…and the location was the Olowalu Plantation House, which is this home that I eventually would love to OWN because I LOVED it that much! It was this awesome, beachy, vintagey yet modern fantabulous home with all these large french doors that open up to this big deck that overlooks a large lawn, palm trees and the ocean! YUM! The colors were almost unreal…the scenery against the rich blue sky and a great palate of pink, orange and green…it was pure eye candy! And camera candy for that matter! ha! πŸ™‚ I must tell you that the bride had “THE” shoes…from sex and the city!! You will see that I was mildly obsessed with them! All in all, it was just fantastic and a wedding, couple and week that I’ll never forget!

Oh…get a cold drink and put your feet up…you’re gonna be here a while….. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Wow! Absolutely stunning! Love all the pictures. Want to buy the ones of the beautiful flower girl πŸ™‚

  2. Amazing! Jo and Dustin- Jessica did such a wonderful job capturing how beautifully brilliant and yet laid back and fun the evening was. The one of you two in the almost kiss, and these following two are my favorites. Can’t wait to her which are yours!

  3. WOW. I have never seen anything SO amazingly stunningly beautiful in my LIFE! Jessica these are sooooo amazing!! What was your main lens that you used for this wedding? WOWOWOWOWOWOW.

    I am in HEAVEN just looking at these pictures. You are OUT of this world amazing. You dont deserve 5 stars, you deserve 10!

    you ROCK woman!! πŸ˜€

  4. To say that I LOVED the pictures is an understatement. You truly captured the ‘essence’ of the day. Thank you sooooo very much for capturing with your camera the memories that will always be in our hearts! Maureen

  5. We love them SOOOOOO much and this is why we wanted you there with us in Maui! They’re amazing and a perfect representation of our day. Thank you!!!

  6. Wow Jess! These are the most beautiful pictures ever! You do an outstanding job!

  7. WOW! You are amazing….doesn’t this sometimes make you wonder why we live in the middle of Indiana? πŸ™‚

  8. Amazing, gorgeous, divine! My favorites are the sepia silhouette photos of the bride and groom on the beach, so tropically romantic and perfect!

  9. Wow Jessica,

    We have done so many weddings at Olowalu in the past and seen thousands of photos, but I have not ever seen it look this good! You captured the feel of the place, the mood, the moment in time. You’re amazing! Come back often!

    *COW = Coordinator Of Wedding : )

  10. I “stalk” a LOT of photography blogs, because I’m an aspiring photographer myself (in the Southern IL/St. Louis, MO area). I have to say that you are one of my FAVORITE photographers!!

    These shots are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

    When I saw the first palm tree one with the beautiful blue sky, I thought to myself, “WOW, that looks like a postcard!!” (Well, even better than a postcard.) You could sell that image!!!

    I can only HOPE to be as amazing as you are some day!!!

    Thank you for being an inspiration.

  11. Of all the weddings I have seen, this IS my fav! I love the fish net on the cupcake table,her hair, and that tree with everybody’s names carved in it. It looked so sophisticated,yet how can I say it…it makes me think of hula girls slowly dancing in the breeze…awesome. Your images were a wonderful story! Keep it up.

  12. What a beautiful and classy wedding!!! So sorry that I was “stuck” in the midwest! Johanna–you looked so beautiful and look soooooo much like your beautiful mother! Dustin, best wishes to you, hope to meet you someday. Have a wonderful life together! So glad that you were so blessed to find each other! Cousin Maureen

  13. THE SHOES!!! I about died when I saw the shoes=) These are so FANTASTIC Jess! These images are outstanding! Some of the best I’ve seen on your blog which is quite a feat! Congrats on this gorgeous wedding! I am sure the B&G are over the top thrilled!

  14. Absolutely fabulous! I cannot tell you how lucky I was to come across your work over 2 years ago! Thank you so much for capturing this special day for one of my best friends….You and your work are unforgettable! *Tomasina*

  15. Jess,

    Oh my gosh..there are no words to desribe your talent…the shoes hanging in the tree…my absolute favorite…and the shot of them on the rocks in the sunset. You capture God’s beauty in every shot…he is so proud of you…it was SO great to see you today…can’t wait to see you again…maybe next time we can keep everyone clean with no bloody lips! HA

  16. Love your photos! We are in the process of building our website for the OPH and would love to include some of your photos.
    We would then link with you for your consideration. I do remember meeting you on wedding day and thought you would be great
    to work with. Are you from Maui? Looking forward to your reply.

  17. WOW….I never thought you could catch the magnificence of the most beautiful wedding EVER in photo, but Jessica most certainly did just that. The wedding was magical and the photography really captured the spirit of the day. Congrats again you two, can’t wait for you guys to move back home….and thanks again for the Tuna Tartar on wheat-free, gluten-free crackers, you guys thought of everything!

    Jessica, you Rock!

  18. isn’t that so true?! both destination weddings i have done were WAY low-key compared to ones local. the tropical sun must soothe the stress!


  19. Hi Jess,

    As I review the pictures I am always in awe of the beautiful memories you have given us. Looking at the photographs recalls the day so vividly. I am going to have a ‘wall gallery’ in my hallway with a grouping of the pictures that are especially important to me. Soon I will pick out a favorite that will be a larger photo for my living room (although I think Dustin and Johanna already have the one I love the most).

    As 2009 is beginning soon I want to thank you again and I am so pleased that Johanna and Dustin chose you. Also, I am equally happy that you enjoyed Maui and we have the joy of seeing the beauty of the place through your eyes. You are a very talented lady and I know your talents will take you far.

    Love, Maureen – MOB (mother of bride)

  20. Your photos are absolutely stunning! You captured every single detail for the bride a groom. I was married at Olowalu in Feb. ’09 and still dream about owning the plantation houe living a life of luxury.

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