2006-07-05 09:22:31

What an absolutely fantastic wedding! I mean it was just soo wonderful! I completely adore Kara….and Peter…and their families! This wedding was soo full of happiness & love! Before the wedding, I heard Kara say….”you know, I’m really the most excited about getting to marry Peter”. I love that because it shows they have really kept the wedding in perspective…and put love as the top priority. Kara & Peter are sooo in love. 😉

Now…let me just tell you about the wedding, because it was nothing short of INCREDIBLE…not ONE detail was overlooked! I mean it! Kara and her mother were totally amazing. There was such care and consideration put into each and every part of the wedding! From the dress being purchased at a charity for breast cancer and the proceeds going to cancer research, to the antique tussey mussies that each bouquet sat in, to the amazing candy bar (pictured below) in honor of Kara’s love for candy, to the spectacular custom decor done by Kara’s mother in all of Kara’s favorite colors, to sparklers on the top of the wedding cake in honor of 4th of July, to the amazing band that created such a fun party, to the pizza & breadsticks delivered late in the evening for guests to nibble on, to the grand exit with sparklers & a horse and carriage. It was totally spectacular and wonderful! I also love how genuine and kind Kara, Peter and both of their families are. They were always soo concerned about my happiness and my comfort. It really mean’t alot to me! 🙂 It was such an incredible day with such amazing people and I was soo honored to be a part of it! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful!

    I love this stuff… your details, in particular, are percfect.

    Is Mark second shooting with you?

  2. Hi Jessica! I found your site via garyfong.com about a month ago and have been addicted ever since. I am a budding wedding photogrpaher in central CA and you are my new role model. I absolutely love your style and the way you color enhance your photos. With each new post I am more and more amazed at how great your work is. I also just love to read your blog (as well as Gary and Melissa’s blog) because you guys seem to have so much fun and make the most of life wherever you are. You make your readers feel just like one of the gang. I rarely comment on blogs but I just had to pop in and tell you how much I admire your work. Take care!

  3. jess these look SO great! they were so lucky to have you there. 🙂 you did a wonderful job! i hope the pictures i did are ok! i’m sending them to you this week. 🙂

  4. Again,beautiful work. Love the colors. Quick question: do you shoot in manual mode for most of your pics?

  5. Girl, those are amazing:)

    They are all breath taking but I really lovd the one where she is looking out of the car window. Oh My, soooooo beautiful:)

  6. absolutely beautiful shots! you have an incredible eye…and the colors are amazing! any tips on how you get such vivid colors?

  7. Amazing… Amazing… I agree with Nicole… You have some MADD skills that I wish I had!! Love em!!

  8. Jessica The pictures are as beautiful as I knew they would be. We cannot thank you enough for your talent, your total dedication throughout the entire day and evening, and such a beautiful presence on this special day in our families’ lives. Your pictures brought to my eyes what is stored in my heart. Thank you, Pam and Marc (Kara’s parents)

  9. I imagined it would be impossible to capture to essence of love felt at this wedding, however you did! Congrats.

  10. Jessica you are a rare talent. You’ve captured the heart and spirit of both Kara and Peter. Pam and Mark have honored their daughter in an incredible way and you have captured that. Two words “Simply Amazing”

  11. Hi Jessica:
    Beautiful photography. I saw your name on a Yahoo search and Strickland is my Mom’s maiden name; from Nebraska 🙂
    Just thought I would say hi and compliment you as so many others have already!!!

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