2007-05-03 21:45:51

First…I must apologize for telling you all to STAY TUNED…but then I would be out of the office nearly every day for the entire week with NO time to get these weddings blogged…so I’m SORRY for teasing you all….I should have thought about it a little more before doing that teaser post! MY BAD!! Ok… to the goood stuff!

What a fantastic couple Kim & Chris are and what an amazing day they had for their wedding!! It was perfectly sunny, 65 degrees and the flowers were in full bloom! It’s what every couple hopes for on their wedding and Kim & Chris were lucky enough to have it! These two are soo totally gorgeous (ken and barbie!!!) and soo totally in love! They were a breeze to photograph because Chris would love on Kim at ever single opportunity and i loved it!!! Kim is also one of the most smiley brides that I have EVER had…she laughed constantly, was beaming the entire day and almost never let the smile off of her face! That is a recipe for some beautiful images!! They were willing to do anything I asked and they did it really well….and that is SOO helpful!! They are also such genuinely kind people, who were very lowkey and easy to work with….as were their family & friends!!! It was an all around incredible day and I’m soo glad that it was all they could have dreamed of!! Now onto the images!! (and I could have honestly posted several hundred images because I loved them all sooo much…i’m limited on time, though so I had to pick a few of my favs!! here goes)

A little prep time…..

One stunnnnnning bride…..

A few fancy details…..

One not soo bad himself ER Doctor of a GROOM……

Chillin at the golf course on a fantastic day…..

Girls being girls…..

You know me, a MAGNET for a brick wall and some good light….

Did I mention that these two were IN LOVE???? And that Chris loved to LOVE on Kim? It was soo precious!

And a dreamy reception to top it all off….

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  1. Great Stuff Jess! Love the shot of the two of them in front of the brick with their heads cropped off focusing on the bouquet. Were you in Fort Wayne for this one? The architectue and art look really familar.

  2. Jess how fun!! I was also wondering if you were in Ft Wayne for this wedding. My girls danced in a ballet recital at the Scottish Rite a few weekends ago and that alley looks all to familiar. 🙂 Love your shots as always, you are so inspirational 🙂

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