2007-07-11 23:10:58

Wow…where to even begin? Kristen & Rob have been planning this wedding for quite a while and ever since our first meeting, I knew it would be over the top and would fit perfectly with the 07.07.07 theme and with their personalities! The date has meaning for them and all the signs pointed to it being the perfect date! Kristen & Rob are funky & cool, while being super chill and lowkey! It’s a great combo…and I knew their wedding would follow suit! They also had the great Tonya Shadoan with Circle City Planners working alongside them the whole way, so I knew that it would be one heck of an event! They kept it simple at the same time, though…keeping the events all in one venue and doing their prep and pictures closeby to make it easy and focus on having fun! Good thing they decided on that because it was a super steamy 92 degrees on their wedding day! The sky was as blue as could be though and it really was a beautiful day!! I was lucky to have my dear friend, Bob Ridge with IndyVisual, alongside me for the day, shooting his video magic!! Check out Bob’s blog for his recap of the day! Kristen & Rob…you guys ROCK! I hope you enjoyed every moment of your PERFECT day and I hope you have a BLAST in Tokyo & Maui!! 😉

You KNOW a day is going to be fun when you walk into the room and this is what you see….

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  1. What a fantastic wedding! A bride that can work the camera like she did… is a photographer’s dream. Love your images… the venue is beautiful. As always Jess, you rocked this one!!! xoxox ~ Dawn

  2. HOLY COWABUNGA JESS!!!!! Because I know Kristen and knew all about her wedding plans (though couldn’t go due to my own 7.7.7 wedding) I knew MANY of her wedding plans. HOWEVER, WOWOWOW! Talk about ABOVE AND BEYOND! WOW! She planned the PERFECT wedding. Oh… and you took the PERFECT photos! WOWOWOWOW! Jess, ONCE again… you have impressed the HECK out of me! GREAT work… AWESOME wedding Kristen! Hope you’re having a great time in TOKYO! 😀

    Love to you BOTH!


  3. I already have them loaded on my iPhone for showing off! They are awesome! I love them more and more each time I look at them! That’s true love! 😉 Thank you so much chica! Just wonderful…now to trash the dress or no….something to mull over on my honeymoon…

    Thanks for everything Jess! You rock!

  4. Kristen: you look absolutely gorgeous!! Everything looks so beautiful! Congratulations on your wedding and wishing you both a wonderful honeymoon, too!

  5. Oh, YEAH!!! Way to rock the 7/7/07, JRS! It’s always so fun to watch you getting all those shots, but then to SEE them… Anyway, it’s going to be hard to pick just a couple of these for my blog, but I’ll try.

  6. Those are absolutely amazing. You did an incredible job. Kristen is quite the supermodel!!

  7. WOW!!!What wonderful pictures. Rob and Kristen look like they should be in a wedding magazine. You did a wonderful job, Jessica. We will cherish the pictures always

  8. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Gorgeous, as usual. (Do you have a rule about only photographing gorgeous couples, or what??) But really — that reception is to die for!! I have never had the pleasure of photographing anything like that. Ok. I’ll just admit it: jealous, jealous, jealous!!! 🙂

  9. We are Rob’s grandparents. Jessica, we appreciate your candid photos of Kristen as well as those with Kristen & Rob. Their wedding was the highlight of the year for us, & to be able to view these memories on our computer is FAB!
    We feel so fortunate to have persons like you who are able to do so much with cameras and let us share such wonderful moments on our PC! It’s mindboggling to see technology today vs when we were married 59 years ago! Thanks, Jessica

    Paul & Jane Guernsey

  10. Wow you know how to capture a day in photo-journalistic style!

    I totally love your eye!
    I came to you via a friends’ LJ
    But now will keep you as a point of reference for my own photography work. Amazing, I wish I lived closer so that I could study with you.

  11. These photos are BEAUTIFUL! This couple is gorgeous, and their sense of style, as reflected in their wedding details (colors, etc) is so impressive! Mazel tov!

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