2011-09-09 13:45:17

Oh what a GREAT day Kristin & Mike had!! I’ve known from first talking to Kristin that she was fantastic, soo kind and warm! She had this wedding totally together and perfectly planned…but she did it with a very fun, flexible, excited approach which really showed on the wedding day! She enjoyed every moment, had such fun….but didn’t have to worry about a thing! Oh…other than the fact that it was 100 degrees! 😉 And Mike rolled with everything soo well and equally enjoyed the day! Mike is one of those guys that you just don’t quite know how to take at first. He’s a former Marine, very serious upon initial interaction, he looks at you like he is certainly reading you…and then he cracks a bit, shows a bit of his humor, flashes his million dollar smile and after a few minutes, is cracking you up and showing you how much of a genuinely warm person he is underneath that tough exterior….especially when Kristin is in the room. He makes her laugh and practically beam with joy…and she makes him forget than anyone else is in the world…it’s like he could stare and smile at her forever. It’s perfect. Just the way love should be. They are truly soo precious together. Their wedding day was intricately planned, yet was incredibly calm and relaxing, with time to go have lunch (Erika and I joked that it’s been nearly 3 years since we ate lunch on a wedding day!!) and even take in a bit of Champaign…and every time I visit, I’m reminded of how great and charming of a town it is. We even hung out downtown for group pictures around the bar that Kristin and Mike first met at…and it was such fun that we almost forgot we were working! A fantastic party topped off the night and as I made the trip back to Indy, I couldn’t help but just keep thinking of what a GREAT day it was. Kristin and Mike…I just adore you both soo much! I wish you the kind of love that you have today, every single day for the rest of your lives. OH…and a bunch of gorgeous babies with those million dollar smiles! 🙂

Church- St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
Reception- Cityview

Hair- Lindsey Barr, Ippatsu Salon

Linens: Affordable Weddings

DJ- Bugbees DJ Plus
Flowers- County Market
Limo- Andy’s Limousine Service

6 responses to “KRISTIN+MIKE”

  1. Jessica and Erica, you never cease to amaze me!!! What GORGEOUS pictures of Kristin and Mike’s wedding 🙂 It was great seeing you again, and I LOVE the moments you captured!

  2. The pictures are all absolutely stunning! I thought that I would have a favorite but there are far too many wonderful moments captured in order to make that distinction! Bravo on such top-notch photography and cheers to the bride and groom!!

  3. Outstanding! Thank you for the many ways that you captured Kristin and Mike’s special day!

  4. Outstanding memories! Thank you for the many individual ways that you captured Kristin and Mike’s very special day!

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