2006-03-08 14:54:35

I think Laura & Brad are awesome! They are a very REAL couple and I love that! Like, when we meet, they laugh at each other…make fun of one another and still totally are in love…and I love that! It reminds me alot of Mark and I because we’re alot like that! They are very kind and have been such a joy to work with! They are sooo laid back and as I have said, I LOVE that!:) Laura is soo geniune and sweet…and Brad is a super guy who’s also a HOOT! (he cracks me up!)

I’ll never forget what Laura said when she first saw the images! She was in shock and couldn’t believe how great the images were! Her email said…..”I am beside myself excited I can’t even tell you how amazing they are!” I love it when people are in shock when they first see their images! It makes me smile!:)

They both have a great sense of style and that showed in their wedding! I LOVED the guys ties! They were the coolest ties! Their style always appears effortless and I think that’s really cool! See what I mean….

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  1. Hey Girl,
    It was soooo great hanging with you in Vegas……
    I love your blog and your work is amazing….. I love how the colors pop:)
    See ya soon

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