2006-10-12 10:30:44

Am I behind on blogging or WHAT??? Gosh, I’m soo sorry! I had two GREAT weddings this past weekend…and let me tell you, the weather was soooo FANTASTIC! Fall is my total favorite time of year, as it is with most midwesterners…and this fall has been GREAT so far. (except for this morning, it’s 30 degrees! BRRRR!) On Friday…..the blue sky that was just unreal with a bright sun and it was a brisk 60 degrees…..mmmmm, just what I LIKE! One of my very best friends, Lindsay, married the insane, yet wonderful, officer (he’s a cop, watch out) Will…back in July…at an out of town ceremony! So, this past Friday, they had a PARTY here to celebrate and we went out, before the celebration, to do some fun pictures! Lindsay and I have almost been friends forever and I just love her soo much. She & Will and Mark and I have monthly dinners..and just have a blast together! (although we are a littttle behind on dinner right now b/c of my loooney schedule)! Anyway….we love you tons L&W…and hope you love the pics! 🙂

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  1. Wow, married back in July and still they have that wedding day blissfully happy look to them! 🙂 Cute couple, great pictures. Again, I love the lens flare shots. Those are my favorite.

  2. One word…WOW! These pics are SO amazing! Lindsay & Will are so beautiful and I’m so glad we all got to be there on they’re special day! 🙂

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