2012-08-02 17:07:19

I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful couple & pair of families to spend Friday, July 13th with. Truly. They were the most thoughtful, understanding, graceful, kind, precious, happy, joyous group!! They also showed me grace and kindness beyond explanation and I will remember it forever!! When I first met Lindsey and her Mom, we sat and talked for hours, like we had been friends for years…and I instantly knew I loved them! Then I heard Lindsey and Chris’s story…and I had this special feeling, like I was getting to be a part of that story…and they have a GREAT story…and it’s really cool to be part of someone’s history, I felt soo honored! I have soo much respect for this couple and their families because they have such a wonderful, deep, strong foundation, the type I hope to give my own children…but also one where there is soo much joy, a real zest for life and fun, never taking yourself TOO seriously but with a real focus on what’s important in life. I feel like the older you get, the more you value things like that….and I think there is soo much value in really loving life, while understanding that you are living for a greater purpose. These families, this couple and this wedding reminded me of that. It was such a beautiful day, too…sweet, full of love, fun, meaningful. Lindsey & Chris…you are both precious!! Your love for one another is soo charming! I truly wish you joy forever and I was SOO honored to spend this day with you, capturing your story and adding it to your history. Much love…and heartfelt thanks for being genuinely wonderful!

Ceremony & Reception: Indiana Landmarks
Band: The Noteable Jazz Band
Cake: Heavenly Sweets
Florals: Flowered Occasions
Videography: MK Wedding Story
Catering: MBP Catering
Dress: Chiffon

Did I mention the great sense of humor? 😉 After all, it was Friday, the 13th!


5 responses to “LINDSEY + CHRIS”

  1. wow, they really good great, it was good working with you again. I love the black and white of Lindsey laughing next to the hotel shot

  2. JESSICA!!! I love them! You are truly amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  3. So happy to be part of such a wonderful family. I am truly blessed.

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