2007-05-24 10:41:21

I’m almost at all loss for words to describe Liz & Glenn! Simply put, I ADORE them….Liz and I have been discussing her wedding for over a year now and we’ve become great friends through the process! She also wins the award for top blog commenter, too… because she always leaves great comments! They had a fantastic wedding! I will admit, Liz was thrown many more obstacles than most brides have to handle on their wedding day… from the dress to the programs, the cake and more…but honestly, she just laughed them all off, accepted that it was too late to change it and so she just kept on enjoying her day with a smile on her face!!! I give her SERIOUS kudos for that!!! Liz & Glenn also have a fantastic group of family & friends…some who are admitted blog followers!! (HOLLA, girls!!) 😉 Liz & Glenn are also soo in love and I LOVE that about them!! (she told me that Mark and I remind her of her & Glenn because of the way their relationship is and she was RIGHT!!) They ultimately only cared about being married to one another at the end of the day and I can tell you, after seeing several hundred weddings, THAT is really what it’s all about!!! It was a wonderful day full of love, warmth and lots of laughter! Much love to you, L & G….hope you are having a BLAST in Key West!! 🙂

A few fancy details….

Liz…looking stunning….

Girl fun…

A few more of Miss Gorgeous….

And some more details..and cute kids! 😉

The happy couple…who were soo glad to finally be together and MARRIED! (after 8 years….to the DAY!)

My fav shot of the day….can you tell that Liz works out??

Finishing the day with a great, super fun reception…

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  1. I finally figured out how to comment! LOL. The pictures are glamorous…just like the wedding was! You’re awesome, Jessica!

  2. Jessica, the pictures look so did a great job. The wedding was a blast..thanks for everything!

  3. So, I have told a couple small lies during my first 5 DAYS of marriage…I did not really go to the gift shop at the hotel, I went to the Coach Outlet (do you blame me!!) and I told my HUSBAND I was checking on the details for our next excursion, but I HAD to see if our wedding pics were up, so I am in the computer center! Jess, I can’t thank you enough for everything. I am so excited to see all the pics! By for now from sunny Key West at the beautiful Westin Resort!!

  4. Jessica, You have such an amazing connection with your clients. Everytime I read about them I can tell that you’ve gone to great lengths to really know them and who they are. It’s very admirable.

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