2008-01-15 11:20:03

What an incredible wedding Mark and Megan had in December! It was a beautiful, snowy winter day and that made for incredible pictures and a perfect feel for a winter wedding!! Mark and Megan….congrats on a fantastic wedding! You are both soo terrific….I was honored to be a part of your day!!

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  1. Looks like a day working with the family! Is that the Ballroom??? The window in the background looks too familiar! Beautiful lighting!!!

  2. Jess,

    Blog stalker here once again =0) I think Meagn’s eyes look amazing. It just shows that you know which lense works best in the various ligh settings you work in!!! Once again, can’t wait to see you in March!!

  3. Jess!
    I do believe I recognize my hometown, Zionsville, in your beautiful shots! AND AGAIN yet another beautiful blue eyed bride!I HAVE to aks: have you EVER had an “ugly” client? HA!
    Seriously!!! The Palomino Ballroom looks lovey!
    Great work !

  4. […] the event, Jessica R. Strickland Fine Art Photography. She is also our chosen house photographer! Click here to view a full set of images from Mark & Megan’s wedding on Jessica’s blo…! We have shown of a few of our own images below, as […]

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