2006-03-27 07:19:31

Well, it’s official! The wedding season has begun! …And what a great way to start the season! Missy & Jeremy had a wonderful, gorgeous wedding! They are a super fun, laid back couple….and so it was great photographing them! The wedding was really soo beautiful, no detail was missed….and everything had soo much meaning! It was really special!!! Missy & Jeremy are truly soo in love…and it shows! As the evening was winding down, both myself and the videographer (the wonderful Bob Ridge with Indy Visual) noticed that they never really seperated throughout the entire day and I think that says alot about them as a couple! They had the funniest reception, complete with like 55 toasts (just kidding, only like 20!)…and 1 very funny poem and a crazy, fun band! Props to Ann for her expertee wedding planning! It was truly an event to remember! I was honored to be a part of it!

Speaking of the wedding season….

…it’s really such an exciting time….and brings the joy of lots of really special moments, incredible couples and amazing weddings to come! There is something soo special about a wedding…and I’m always reminded of that at the first of the season! I know it sounds cheesy but it’s SOO true! I really think it’s the essence of why I love weddings soo much. Photography is clearly my passion, as far as art & business go…but ultimately, love and joy are the two things that drive me….and weddings are the epitome of those two things. I think that weddings really remind us that life is about soo much more than busy-ness and schedules and small stuff….it’s about finding a soulmate to share everyday of your life with and having a connection with someone that was clearly created by something larger than yourself. I think being in love is by far, the GREATEST thing on the face of the planet. I always try to really see a wedding day from the eyes of a person who really loves life & is driven by love…not a business person, performing a job. I truly hope that shows in my work….

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  1. WOW Jessica – those are AMAZING photos!!! I’m really impressed! I would pick out some faves but WOW they are all so killer! Nice job!!!!


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