2013-05-10 01:50:18

Oh what a DAY Katie & Ken had for their wedding!! I was awake in the wee hours of the morning for their early morning wedding and I knew something was up when I heard weather alerts all night long and into that morning. I heard that we had flooding so I left with extra time and didn’t think much of it. As I left to meet Katie for her prep, I heard that all local schools were closing (a first for flooding on record) and countless major roads were impassable and I realized that this was something more than I thought. Then, after 5 attempts to get out of my own town and meeting flooded road after flooded road, I figured out that this was serious and started to worry for Katie & Ken’s wedding. It turns out that it was one of the worst floods that Indianapolis has ever seen and it continued to effect Katie & Ken’s day as it went on. Unfortunately, a good number of their guests were unable to make it to their wedding because they literally could not get there. Even the road that the wedding venue was on, flooded in both directions shortly after we arrived. Then the day turned even more interesting as the temps dropped to frigid levels, the wind became unbelievably fierce and it started to SNOW. I seriously started to wonder what else could happen. What is SOO amazing and soo special about this day, though…is that it TRULY didn’t dampen Katie & Ken’s spirits AT ALL! They had ONE single care on their wedding day and it was MARRYING one another! Would they have loved a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree spring morning…of course, but they really had a solid grasp on the fact that it was NOT about weather, it was about being married to each other before their friends, family and God. It couldn’t have been a better attitude to have on a day like they were dealt, because they couldn’t control anything else…and so they found the joy and excitement in what they COULD control! They are such a sweet, wonderful couple…soo completely in love and connected to one another! They had a gorgeous wedding despite all that was going on around them! A warm and beautiful backdrop of Mustard Seed Gardens for their Noblesville wedding, surrounded by family and friends, dancing and fun…it turned out to be a fantastic day!! Katie & Ken, I was honored to be a part of your wedding! I truly wish you soo much love and a lifetime of joy!

Ceremony & Reception: Mustard Seed Gardens
Florals & Decor: Design Group
Catering: Epicureans
Cake: Heavenly Sweets
Hair: Mollie Bean
Makeup: Krystle Marshall
Videography: Media Buff Productions, Keith Harshbarger




  1. Jessica, These pictures truly captured my heart and this very special day. You have an amazing talent. Thank you for being a part of all the craziness that happens when our family gets together!

  2. So, sooo beautiful!! Thank you so much (again), Jessica and Erika! That day was crazy, but you captured all the beauty of it! Thank you!!

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