2009-12-21 09:10:28

To say I was excited about this wedding is a major understatement!! It was the wedding my wonderful, amazing, stylish and completely lovely cousin, Robin!! I completely adore Robin…and now her new and awesome husband, Chris! I have been soo excited since they asked me to photograph their wedding! It was very special and meaningful to be a part of the wedding as a guest and a photographer….and watch her walk down the aisle through my tears, as I remembered her and I playing wedding dress up years ago when we were kids!! It was soo near and dear to my heart, as is she! They picked an amazing venue, The Creek Club at I’ON in Charleston, South Carolina! First off, Charleston is down right perfect. I’m in love with that city, I think I could live there in a heartbeat! Then, we visited the neighborhood where their venue was, called I’ON….and it was like a dream. Amazing homes, incredible charm and style, beautiful landscapes and architecture, unreal style….I was in LOVE! I could have moved into the neighborhood in 10 seconds flat, NO joke!! It was the perfect place for a shoot, too…I could have shot there all day!! All in all, it was truly an amazing day and I couldn’t have loved it more!! Robin & Chris…love you soo much and was truly soo honored to be a part of your incredible day!! Soo happy for you both and excited for the future!! 🙂 xoxo!! 🙂

And the sweetest first meeting…oh gosh, it was a teary one too…for all of us! 🙂 loved it!
An updated pic of Charli! She is 18 Months already!! Crazy to think!! Isn’t she the cutest thing EVER??

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  1. Robin you truly were a princess. Your pictures are as breathtaking as the wedding. Congratulations again!!!!!!

  2. What a perfect wedding! So awesome that you got to capture this wonderful day for your cousin! Stunningly beautiful work! Love their venue, such a gorgeous location! In awe of your work as usual!

  3. This is one of my favorite weddings of yours Jessica! The location was to die for!! You really used it to it’s full potential with so many great shots! Great post and beautiful images!

  4. Hi Jess,
    Your work is beautiful and artistic. Robin made such a beautiful bride and it was just a perfect evening!!

    PS The band would like to ask if we could get you, to shoot photos of the band, for our web site.
    Ocean Drive Party Band

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