2006-08-30 12:16:14

It was a challenging day, I won’t lie. Not because of Sam & Andy, though…but because it was a majorly rainy, steamy day in Indiana and Sam had a fantastic outdoor wedding planned. That is always tough…especially in the unpredictable midwest….but Sam & Andy handled it like total champs and all ended up going very well. They are a fantastic couple, though and I knew if anyone could roll with the punches, they would! They did make the last minute decision to have the ceremony outside….and unfortunately, it did rain. It was just a light consistent shower….and interestingly enough, it was kindof peaceful and had a certain grace to it. We made the most of it, though…pulled in the bright, rainbow umbrellas….did fun umbrella pictures and ended up really enjoying ourselves! All worries were left aside, though when everyone went inside for the reception and they partied the night away, despite the fact that it was storming like crazy outside! (As in, portions of the city were without power and I heard of two other weddings that were in the dark because there was NO power!!) Sam and Andy are fantastic! Sam and I are seriously dangerous when we get together, we can talk for hours! Our last meeting was like 4 hours long. I just love her, though…and totally think that she & Andy are GREAT together!! The wedding was held at my alltime favorite location…the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Everything at the IMA is completely fantastic….I couldn’t love it more! Sam & Andy…have a BLAST on your cruise!! Thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding!! 🙂

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  1. Aloha! WOW these are great in and of themselves, but especially because you really made the best of a potentially “gloomy” situation. Your photos are still just as luminous and radiant as ever. You are an inspiration to me!

  2. Jessica,
    We just loved the preview can’t wait to see the rest of them. We are off to enjoy our last full day on our cruise. YOu did a great job with the rain!!!
    Sama and Andy

  3. Okay… when are we going to get another “FUN QUESTION OF THE WEEK”?????????

    You promised us two weeks ago during our three hour chat fest at Cold Stone…and we still haven’t had one!!!!

    Quit working so hard and take time out of your day
    to have some fun!


    Congrats on the new HDTV….

    I had this great idea…when ladies have an upcoming wedding or a baby on the way….all of their friends get together for a “shower”…..

    I totally think that when a guy gets an HDTV that his guy friends should throw him an HDTV Shower!

    I really may be on to something here!

    A really cool remote control cake…”Scene It” Sports Edition games….hot wings…

    OH YEAH…GIFT IDEAS…cool new DVD players….glowing remote controls…surrond sound systems…sub woofers for your funiture…a real popcorn machine…the list just goes on and on! My heart is racing out of my chest thinking about!

    Mark…what do you think…would you be open to something like that??? 🙂

  4. WOW! My sister’s wedding looks awsome. You did a wonderful job. I can’t wait till I can order some for myself. You did such a good job.
    Alycia Reed

  5. Jessica,
    Just looking over the preview again. I am so in love with the umbrella look!!!! You made my wedding so great!! It was amazing to work with you. I am in such awe of you.

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