2011-07-21 16:46:44

The minute I met Susanah, I knew I was going to love her! She was soo sweet, super easy to get along with, gorgeous, easy going, great style, super fun….then, in walks this guy. I’m not sure he is with her because he looks like the kind of guy that you wouldn’t want to tick off, if you know what I mean…big, tough, not messing around kind of dude. Well, turns out they were together and not only do they fit….they fit like two of the most perfectly made puzzle pieces. And, it also turns out that under that tough guy persona, Ryan is one of the sweetest guys that I’ve met! Soo kind and warm, fun and silly, and all together awesome!! Their wedding was simply fantastic!! It was a beautifully modern wedding with an incredibly sweet, traditional charm. From Susanah getting ready in her childhood room at her parents home…and as I photographed her preparing for the wedding, I couldn’t help but see and love that the background was filled with images of her as a little girl, in her communion dress and playing with her sister. Then, to watch Ryan’s smile as Susanah walked down the aisle to him turn into a stream of tears down his cheek, to Susanah’s father surprising her with a completey custom made cinderella carriage, JUST for her…because he knew she always watched that movie as a child and dreamed of being that girl when she grew up. It was just like that…the whole day, all of the moments, all of the little details. Sweet, warm, intimate and soo special. Ryan and Susanah are soo wonderful as a couple. I loved that the minute Ryan was able to have a minute to embrace his bride, he couldn’t take his hands off of her…and he just smiled and loved on her…and she returned the same affection! Then the party started at the amazing Indiana Roof Ballroom!! And what a party it was! Soo much fun!! Susanah & Ryan…THANK YOU for allowing me to share in your incredible day! You are truly wonderful and I wish you a lifetime of total bliss!! (and babies! and football victories!) xoxo!!


Ceremony: Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
Reception: Indiana Roof Ballroom
Florals: McNamara
Rolls Royce: Antique Limo of Indianapolis
Videography: 27 Storms Entertainment
Band: First Impression Band
DJ: Dennis Dye, The DJ Guy

When I said that Susanah’s Dad MADE her a custom carriage…I REALLY mean’t it! Like a full carriage that was amazing, complete with a driver and drawn by two horses, lights, air conditioning, carpet, seats, a sound system, a skylight, drinks and even the wedding monogram!! I told him that he better be ready to change out the monogram and RENT it… 😉 It was a SURPRISE for Susanah…and boy, was she surprised!!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! You did an amazing job Jess! You truly captured all of the details. Ryan and Sus were absolutely stunning. I am so blessed I was able to be a part of this special day!

  2. Beautiful wedding! Nothing gets me excited for my wedding quite like checking out your blog. Love it!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Where is the venue with the beautiful group shots on the grass?

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