2006-06-12 11:05:42

Well, I won’t lie….it ended up being a challenging day for Brian & Tabitha, but those challenges acted as proof of their patience and perserverance! It was a little rough to start out….locations changed, plans changed, weather was difficult and things were all around hectic, but Tabitha & Brian tackled all the issues and it all really worked out in the end…and the day proved to be a GREAT one! Tabitha & Brian are soo sweet. They have a special relationship and their wedding day was really was a show of that! We had some great locations picked out and the weather had it’s own opinion about us using those locations…but we ended up getting some clear weather for the midafternoon and ended up getting the outdoor shots that we wanted…and as funny as it is, when we left to head back to started pouring again! I think God knew that Brian & Tabitha really deserved to have the outdoor pictures that they soo wanted on their wedding day! I really wish them all the best! Thanks for everything, Tabitha & Brian…it was great working with you! 🙂

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