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OMGOSH, I loved this wedding!!! I love this couple, their style, their vision for this wedding….their friends and their family….and I even loved their venue and caterer….it was truly SUCH a GREAT wedding in soo many ways!! The minute I met Tracy, we clicked…and I knew we would be friends for a long time! Then, I met Nick and I was pretty smitten with him…he’s super cool, very chill, fun and likes to rock the photo poses! 😉 ha! And he adores Tracy….and she returns the adoration…and it’s precious. I LOVE LOVE! It’s soo wonderful and special…and being able to capture it in pictures is really the most magical part of my job!! When Tracy showed me a picture of the vision for their wedding, I was CRAZY excited. She and I share a very similar style…modern and sleek, with a very fun and colorful approach. So, I was anxiously awaiting the reveal of this “vision” and WOW….it did NOT dissappoint. They could NOT have chosen a better venue, it was perfect for their vision!! The day was gorgeous, WINDY (soo windy that it totally ruined a few updo’s and we had to shoot inside!! sorry girls, I didn’t see that one coming…but you are some resourceful bridesmaids when it comes to updo redo’s!!), but a beautiful blue sky day and the type that makes the view from D’Amore jaw dropping! The night was off the HOOK fun…complete with an awesome lion dance!! Oh, what an INCREDIBLE day! Tracy & Nick…I simply adore you two, you know that…and I loved getting to be a part of your beautiful, special, FUN wedding! xoxo!!


Venue: D’Amore
Caterer: Thomas Caterers of Distinction
Florist: Posh Petals
Decorator: Entertaining With A Flair
DJ & Photo Booth: Momentz Productions
Videographer: Shawn Pierce
Prep Hotel: JW Marriott Indianapolis
Invitations: Reverly Invitation Studio
Programs\Menu: The Wedding Sophisticate
Stage & Lighting: Evans Audio Visual
Hair: Phil Salmon, The Blue House & The French Pharmacie
Makeup: Kathy Moberly
Dress: Lazaro
Bridesmaid Dresses: Watters
Transportation: The HippoPartyBus
Cake: Cakes By Donna


4 responses to “TRACY + NICK”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Jess!! They bring a tear to my eye. You are so incredibly talented, I can’t thank you enough for capturing every precious moment. oxox

  2. Tracy was absolutely right when she called me yesterday and said these beautiful photos can make you cry. I am reliving the moments with great joy. Jessica Strickland WOW!!! I feel I must forward this incredible collection to everyone I know! Thank you Jessica Strickland for capturing these precious moments for us, they will last in our minds and our hearts for a lifetime and beyond….

  3. This wedding was incredible all around, and you truly captured it in your photography. Tracy was the most amazing client that I have ever worked for. Her “vision,” most thought was a bit impossible, but we did it, and you Jessica, captured each and every detail. She knew you would, and you certainly did. Most of all, you captured the joy in her eyes and the love in her heart – that in itself is the utmost and ultimate gift that a photographer can give. You did it; and you are the best!

  4. I am just BLOWN AWAY by their reception!! It was so so beautiful! And what a gorgeous couple! Awesome job capturing the fun and love, Jessica!!

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