2010-07-02 20:21:52

BOY oh BOY am I behind on blogging! It’s tough when I only get a few hours in the office for the whole week….but that is summer for you! THANK YOU for your patience, Adrienne & Colt!! 🙂

What a FUN shoot I had with Adrienne & Colt! They are such a terrific couple…so truly happy and fun!! They completely embraced the shoot and really just made the most of our time, it was awesome!! We laughed our butts off in this shoot, if you can’t tell and just had a blast! Thank you, Adrienne & Colt for coming in from Cincy for such a fun shoot!! Can’t wait for the wedding!! YAY!!

7 responses to “ADRIENNE + COLT”

  1. You both look very happy! Fabulous pictures, it will certainly be hard to choose just one!
    I’m sharing with the girls! All the best, Janet

  2. Great shots!!!Picking one or two will be impossible. Great expressions from both of you.

  3. I know you two are happy together and Jessica did an excellent job capturing your love for each other. Can’t wait til the wedding!

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