2010-06-24 11:37:05

I ADORE this couple and this shoot…if I do say so myself!! Amy & Matt are such wonderful, special people!! When we met, they greeted me with a beautiful gift for Sophie, after they graciously allowed me to reschedule our shoot during the time of Sophie’s MCADD discovery and specialist visits. They were soo kind about the whole thing! Thank you again, Amy & Matt! They were both soo cool about this shoot, too…they had lots of awesome ideas for the overall concept of the shoot and I LOVED it!! it’s soo fun to work towards a creative goal and I soo appreciated that Amy & Matt had such care about their images, my work and the overall shoot!! I’m letting out a secret here (sorry Matt, it’s too sweet not to share)…but Matt even emailed me ahead of time sharing how they were really excited for the shoot….and how he just hoped Amy felt as beautiful in the shoot as he truly felt she was! Are you kidding me, I just about melted…and then I made my husband read the email! 😉 But as you will see…there was no need to worry about that, Amy and Matt were STUNNING! I mean, can’t help but stare kind of stunning….and they ROCKED this shoot! I was soo proud that they really embraced it…I love when couples let all inhibition go and just be IN the moment, enjoying the chance to be together and be real…while allowing me to capture it! It was an AWESOME shoot! Amy & Matt…you two are the BEST….thank you for being soo special and wonderful!! I love working with you guys!! 🙂

I had a LOT of favorites from this shoot….good things it’s my blog and I can put up as many as I want! 😉 hehe!!!

I’ve been in a film kind of mood lately and been craving some old darkroom techniques like split toning and cyanotyping…and this shoot was a perfect fit for my craving!

Cyanotypes are a little different, I know…but I just felt like it fit….

Did I mention that these two are HOT!?!?! And I love that they still flirt with each other! I think couples should flirt forever…. 😉

And then we headed outside! I love their style…Amy had some rockin dresses!! You looked good too, Matt! 😉

Amy & Matt endured some steamy hot temps for this shoot…but the light was DELISH!!

9 responses to “AMY + MATT”

  1. These photos are fantastic! Amy couldn’t have picked a better photographer. You captured exactly what she was looking for.

  2. What a beautiful couple! You were right Jess, her dresses were so great! (and the shoes too!)
    Another stunning shoot ;o)

  3. O.M.G. Favorite engagement session of yours! Wow, these are all absolutely amazing! Love the processing too! Awesome locations and gorgeous couple! Amazing work, as always!

  4. Wow! These photos look like they should be published in a magazine. Great pictures – how do you choose? Thanks for sharing!!

  5. We just viewed Matt & Amy’

    s engagement photo shoot, and they are unbelievable!! We knew they would be very photogenic, but you’ve captured so many great examples of their LOVE for each other. You are very talented in your photography, and they are a great couple to work with. Congratulations to all of you on a fantastic session!!!

  6. Thank you Jess so much for making this one of the best experiences of our wedding planning process. Matt and I had a blast and were completely amazed by these images. You were truly able to capture my vision. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. You have an amazing talent and I would highly recommend your work to anyone!

  7. Um, WOWZA!!!!! So beautiful!

    (P.S. So glad I got to visit with you today!.)

    But seriously, wow wow wow. Such a great couple, beautiful attire, and such lovely work. 🙂

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