2011-10-11 16:40:04

I had such a great evening in Louisville with Amrita & Chris! They were patient through some weather struggles, rescheduling, etc!! Amrita and Chris are getting married at the end of the month, so we were simply out of time and while the weather appeared that it wasn’t going to cooperate for us on our shoot, it was completely tricking us because it turned out to be an absolutely perfect, warm, sunny evening! Good thing we didn’t listen to the forecast and we pushed on to do our shoot anyway!! Amrita and Chris are busy in the final stages of planning and I’m getting soo excited for their upcoming wedding!! Thanks for a lovely evening in Louisville, Amrita & Chris! I really enjoyed our time together and getting the chance to learn about what a fantastic, photogenic city Louisville is through your thoughtful planning and tour of the city…. can’t wait for the end of the month!!

2 responses to “AMRITA + CHRIS”

  1. These are beautiful. I believe You both are perfect for each other. Love U both so much:)

  2. You guys are incredible together. These are amazing, I know I said something on your facebook wall as well, but I just can’t get enough of these pictures! Also, Amrita your shoes are AMAZING!! Welcome to the family! Love you guys! 🙂

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