2012-08-31 16:20:27

This shoot was perfect!! Perfect couple, perfect locations, perfect weather, soo great!! Katie & Alex are straight up amazing…and embraced this shoot 100% from the beginning, totally having a blast with it, truly enjoying their time together, laughing and kissing and having soo much fun! We also had the most beautiful morning in Chicago for this shoot, a gorgeous blue sky, perfect temps…and I loved that Katie & Alex wanted to tour the city and hit all kinds of fun spots! The only hiccup in our plan came when we were headed out to the beach to wrap up the shoot with the city background…and well, we were in good company with about a million (not really) other people who had the same idea b/c it was the Chicago Air & Water Show…only one of the busiest weekends in Chicago. We wondered why it was fairly quiet within the city at our other locations! It turned out to be an awesome bonus because our shoot ended with a sky writer making a heart in the sky…clearly it was just for us! 😉 Again, a PERFECT SHOOT! Thanks a million, Katie & Alex…we had such a fun morning with you guys and we can’t thank you enough for being soo fantastic to photograph and being AWESOME to work with!! xoxo!

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